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Behind the Scenes: February’s Open Board Meeting

What is AIGA, and what do we do?

Last month, the AIGA Baltimore board welcomed designers and design advocates to check out our monthly meeting at Heavy Seas Alehouse. AIGA members were invited to grab a beer and be a part of the conversation as we talked about the past month and what we’ve got in store for the future. Spoiler: a lot.

We met up at the Alehouse where our Membership Director, Marisa Martin, introduced AIGA Baltimore and its board members. Shortly after, the meeting was called to order and everyone in attendance was given the opportunity to make suggestions, all of which were discussed with the group and noted by board members for possible action.

Since we had some people who couldn’t make it to the meeting we’re posting a recap of our February meeting here. Take a look and share your feedback on what you might want to see from us.

Marisa started off the evening with a short history of AIGA’s past, present, and future.

If you’d also like to know a little history, our national website is a great place to learn about AIGA and what we do.

How old is AIGA?

We’re developing a strategic plan:

Major recurring themes and recommendations:

AIGA Baltimore is celebrating a milestone…!

We’re focusing on creating and increasing:

Next, we shared some insight into AIGA Baltimore’s operations.


Leadership Retreat:

Who are all these people?!

We introduced ourselves, guests and all, which helped provide more context to our conversation. You can find a list of our current board members here. For a personal look at each one of us, keep your eye on our blog for Board Member Spotlights.

Then the board meeting began.

We ran through some important action items for upcoming events and communications. The usual meeting agenda was condensed for our guests’ sake, as the amount of information covered can get overwhelming sometimes, even for us. Board membership is hard work, but we volunteer because we love what we do!

Our State of the Chapter address followed.

Jennifer Marin, Co-President

Courtney Glancy, Programming Director

Kara Turner, Communications Director

Greg Jericho, Digital Publications Chair

Michelle Fazenbaker, Special Events Director

Marisa Martin, Membership Director

Sara Blumberg, Volunteer Chair

Finally, we opened the floor for input, questions, and comments from our attendees.

Feedback highlights:

AIGA as a whole is still being considered an organization primarily focused on print-based graphic design, something one of our attendees voiced this evening. As AIGA continues to evolve, our goal is to be more inclusive of all industries related to design; however, we cannot do this alone. By partnering with other organizations like Refresh, R2integrated, ADG Creative, Gilah Press + Design, and Storyfarm (just to name a few!), we can work together to connect our communities. As one of our favorite member attendees stated:

Design is at a certain crossroads; not just print, not just digital. There needs to be a re-education of what design actually is. It’s more than just style and aesthetics. People outside of design don’t really understand that.

Our job at AIGA is to facilitate that conversation, but it’s up to you to spread the word!

And we posed a question for Attendees: If you could come to any AIGA event, what would it be about? Here are some of their suggestions.

Now what are your ideas? Leave us a comment below or email us at!