AIGA Baltimore

Felt & Wire call for designers!

Ever want to design without a client?

Do you love to play with paper?

Now is your chance to to design products for the AIGA Baltimore Felt & Wire shop. Visit for inspiration. You can pretty much make anything you would like as long it uses paper goods in some way and is something customers would want to purchase.

When you have the design ready (We are happy to review anything in progress too), email an image of it and also provide the following information:

  1. Quantity you are willing to make (can be as little as 1)
  2. Your production costs (You can either donate the items to the chapter or AIGA Baltimore can compensate you for your production costs. We will need receipts of these costs when applicable).
  3. Any other information you think might be helpful.

If your item is approved, we will post it on the AIGA Baltimore Felt & Wire shop along with a credit to you. All proceeds from sales will go towards future events and initiatives for AIGA Baltimore.

This will be an ongoing opportunity, however, if you would like your work to be included in the official launch, please submit work before October 1.

Types of products that could be submitted

If you have questions, email