AIGA Baltimore

Hooray for the Baltimore Design School!

This week, the Baltimore Design School had their repurposing ceremony at the old Lebow Clothing Factory. What is the Baltimore Design School? It is a new public middle-high school offering fashion, architecture and graphic design. The school has its first year under its belt with a 6th grade and 7th grade class. They will be continuing to add 6th and 7th graders to get to a full set of students through grade 12. The redesigned building will include art galleries, studios, classrooms, computer labs and fabrication facilities. Until the building is ready, the students are studying at Winston Middle School. Check out the Baltimore Design School’s website for more information (something to surely keep an eye on)!

Principal Joesph Freed talking in front of the students.

Large cyanotype artwork made by the students for the new building.