AIGA Baltimore Slack is Here: Share Your Voice and Connect

AIGA Baltimore now has a Slack team. You can connect with your fellow chapter members here in Baltimore. Join Today!

We are so excited to announce AIGA Baltimore’s community Slack team. You can now connect with your fellow chapter members here in Baltimore to keep informed and participate in conversations from Jobs, to Events, to Volunteer Opportunities.

What the heck is Slack?

If you aren’t familiar with Slack, it’s essentially a beefed up group chat, and we love it. Not only are you able to tag people and send gifs (I mean everyone loves a good gif), it also has this great feature called ‘channels.’ This is what makes slack so focused, each channel (preceded by a hashtag) tells you the focus of that particular discussion; whether it’s a board on jobs, design thinking, or even a fun place to share news and happenings in the Baltimore area. Once you join you will have the ability to start your own channel (or ask a member for help!)

What should I expect from AIGA Baltimore’s Slack team?

Within the AIGA Baltimore Slack Team we will have channels designated for jobs, events, volunteers, and more! Whether you’re interested in job opportunities, or looking for a place to find creatives to interact with throughout the day, this is a place to have these conversations, and stay connected with what’s going on in the Baltimore design community.

This is also a tremendous opportunity for you to share input on what types of events YOU want to see, find ways to get more involved with AIGA, and take initiative in shaping your AIGA chapter.

Okay, you had me at hello, how do I join?

This Slack team is for current AIGA Baltimore members only, all you need to do is fill out this invite form, and make sure to use the email you used when becoming an AIGA member.

Not an AIGA Baltimore member yet? Join now!

By Elsa Haarstad and Rachel Davis
Published March 20, 2017