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AIGA Baltimore
Number of Members: 382
Year Founded: 1989

1. What is your Chapter’s most proud recent accomplishment?
Our Pulp Ink and Hops event last year was a success, even in this economy, bringing approximately 20 design vendors and hundreds of designers together to review the latest and greatest in designer’s tools from printers and paper samples to job resources and design information. Photos available here.

2. Tell us about your Chapter’s Mentorship Program.
Our chapter recently worked on the Create don’t Hate mentorship program which brought together members of the design community and schoolkids to create messages about stopping the ongoing violence. The program involved approximately 20 mentors and two schools here. In the mentorship timeline the mentor groups developed 24 billboards of which seven have been chosen to be displayed around town. We feel promoting this message was a particularly important endeavor in which to undertake given the problems of gun violence in the country and especially in Baltimore, which has had a particularly high murder rate due to the influx of drug culture and the large numbers of youth who do not have or do not take opportunities to become gainfully employed.

3. Tell us about your Chapter’s student programming.
Currently, we offer two portfolio reviews a year, one small and one larger, for students. We also offer studio tours to various locations — including printers and design firms located in the Baltimore area.

4. Tell us how your Chapter uses social media.
We use Facebook to connect with the AIGA Baltimore universe, as well as, Twitter and LinkedIn. We have also started a blog that feeds to our website. These avenues have helped us stay connected with members, as well as, deliver relevant content to them in ways that, based on traffic numbers, they value.

5. What type of food is Baltimore famous for and where can we get some?
The crabcake is the delicacy of choice in Baltimore. While there are plenty of places in Baltimore to go for crabcakes, I’d suggest Faidley’s in Lexington Market. A number of reasons play into that. The scene is a covered marketplace with a nod to its past with stalls, a buzz of activity, the din of talking and the blue-collar working man’s spirit of Baltimore. Baltimore’s Inner Harbor which is famous with the tourists represents the slice of the city that you’d see in its Sunday’s Best. Don’t we all want to know a city when it has on its play clothes?

By AIGA Baltimore
Published February 12, 2010