Board Member Spotlight


Like most boards, the AIGA Baltimore board is comprised of 100% volunteers. So you can get to know the board and recognize some faces at our events, we are featuring board members. Today’s post focuses on Kristin Sinclair our Communications Director!

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.
A. I was born in Connecticut and grew up in Columbia, Md. I loved being outside and thought when cows ate grass, I thought it would taste like spaghetti! I moved to Baltimore four years ago, to different parts of the city. Hampden for a year, Fells Point for a year, and Fed Hill for a few years. I currently don’t live in the city because of location of the company I art direct for. They specialize in direct mail and fundraising. I like that we work with different nonprofits to help them achieve their goals for raising money for a specific cause. I like that I design for a good cause.

For fun I volunteer with Taproot Foundation to help nonprofit organizations directly with different design solutions. I want to get back into martial arts. I also enjoy spending time with my boyfriend and my dog. I like wandering around shops for antiques because it’s an amazing feeling to see design through generations.

Q. What do you love about design?
A. I love the tactile aspect of it. Design has such an important purpose; everything is designed from magazine, to a product, to a conversation. The fact that we are empowered to shape and design experiences for people is amazing. I love the feeling that we are translating ideas and messages for audiences to help people easily understand messages. You are basically saying this is how you should communicate to your audience; it’s almost like playing G-D.

Q. What do you like about being on the AIGA Baltimore board?
A. I like that I can connect to the Baltimore community. I get to meet people like me and network with people I wouldn’t normally meet otherwise. I like being on a board with people who have similar passions, but who think differently. Everyone seems to inspire others to do a better job and inspire me to do more.

Q. Name a must-see spot in Baltimore that you wouldn’t find in a travel guidebook.
A. The must see is under 29th street bridge. It’s a space where people can go paint and create different styles of street art over layers of previous street art. I think it’s a good place to see graffiti evolve because it’s an area that is mostly untouched. I recommend wearing long pants and closed toed shoes. When you go, you can see where other artists have respected other artist’s space.

Q. If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
A. Japan, because I have a love for Japanese culture. The respect they have for their own culture and keeping traditions is inspiring. I have loved the culture since I was a kid taking Ninjitsu. There is such a calming effect for me when experiencing their art, culture, food, etc. As a designer, I am inspired by their precise work ethic.

Q. Favorite drink of choice?
A. Tom Collins: Gin, sour mix, club soda and a cherry in a tall glass. When I used to go to Sonar, I would order it, and the bartender would tell me “You are 50 because it’s an old man drink.” It actually makes me like it more!

By AIGA Baltimore
Published June 22, 2012