Board Member Spotlight

Like most boards, the AIGA Baltimore board is comprised of 100% volunteers. So you can get to know the board and recognize some faces at our events, we are featuring board members. Today’s post focuses on Stacey Fatica, our Social Design Director!

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.
A. I grew up in upstate New York in the Fingerlakes region. I went to college in Columbus, Ohio at the Columbus College of Art and Design. After school, on a whim, my boyfriend (now my husband) and I moved to Baltimore. My first job was with the City Paper. I worked there for a few months, but then moved into designing for a high-end furniture company. I later decided designing for nonprofits was what I really wanted to focus on in my design profession. I now work for MedStar Health.

When not working or doing AIGA stuff, I like to do pretty much anything that is outside. I love hiking, picnicking, canoeing, and camping.

Q. What do you love about design?
A. I have always been a visual person so I can’t see myself straying too far from design. I love how colors work together, how fonts work together and how page layouts work together. And seeing it all come together is what makes me really happy. I am a visual person. I can’t see doing anything other than design.

Q. Why did you decide to join the AIGA Baltimore board?
A. I felt like I was missing a piece of the puzzle in my career. From being a part of AIGA, I’ve gained in social networking, getting to meet people, learning more about my profession and who is in my profession. Not only at the local level, but as a board member, I’ve been exposed to the national level as well. It is such a great experience because I’ve been able to meet designers who have a lot of the same issues and things they love about their job. Even though they are in another part of the county, they are similar to who I am and what I do. It is great to share those experiences with other designers.

Q. If you could pick a symbol to replace the Baltimore crab, what would it be?
A. The rat. My sister ran a marathon here not too long ago and she said she had never seen so many rats in a city. And I was like “Yup. That’s Baltimore!”

Q. Name a must-see spot in Baltimore that you wouldn’t find in a travel guidebook.
A. Walking around Locust Point. It has a very small town feel but it is surrounded by this huge city, and it is isolated on three sides by water. So, it is kind of like a little sanctuary within the city.

Q. Where is the best Baltimore Crab Cake?
A. In my opinion, it would be Papas on Taylor Avenue. You can go in there with dirty overalls and a baseball cap, and it doesn’t matter. It’s not fancy. It’s just really good food.

By AIGA Baltimore
Published July 6, 2012