Board Member Spotlight

Like most boards, the AIGA Baltimore board is comprised of 100% volunteers. So you can get to know the board and recognize some faces at our events, we are featuring board members. Today’s post focuses on Brian Ghiloni our Vice President!

Q. Tell us a little about yourself.
A. I grew up in New Hampshire and moved to Baltimore for college to study painting. Since graduating, I’ve moved away and back a couple of times, but I’ve always considered Baltimore home. I’ve been fortunate to also live in Seattle, Ireland, and Italy. Currently, I help run a 2-person design studio specializing in exhibit and special event design. We work with a broad spectrum of clients including Fortune 500 companies, local businesses, nonprofits, and governmental organizations. More recently, we worked on the NATO and the G8 Summits.

Q. What do you love about design?
A. I love the fact that I’m constantly challenged creatively. Design has the potential to have a much greater reach than fine arts. Design isn’t simply about making beautiful things. The Design for Good initiative is a perfect example of designers participating in larger conversations about important issues that affect us all.

Q. Why did you decide to join the AIGA board?
A. I joined the board to connect with local designers and give back to the design community. I want to see Baltimore designers succeed!

Q. What is your favorite Jon Waters Film?
A. Pink Flamingos

Q. Where is the best Baltimore crabcake?
A. Koco’s on Harford Road.

By AIGA Baltimore
Published August 3, 2012