Board Member Spotlight

Like most boards, the AIGA Baltimore board is comprised of 100% volunteers. So you can get to know the board and recognize some faces at our events, we are featuring board members. Today’s post focuses on Courtney Glancy, our Programming Director!

Q: What is your background and history in design?
A: I was born and bred in Baltimore, have never left and don’t plan to—I love this city!  (Everyone in Baltimore seems to ask where you when to high school; Courtney’s on top of that one.) Before you have to ask, I went to Dulaney High School. I was an Interdisciplinary Studies Major in Visual Communication Design and Business at Villa Julie College. While I know there was a name change, I didn’t attend Stevenson!  After leaving an (unnamed) agency after 6 years, I ventured off to become my own boss and haven’t looked back.

Q: Do you like working for yourself?
A:  It’s great to live and breathe a job you love. Makes waking up and shuffling into my Canton home office much easier.

Q: What do you do for fun?
A: Recently married to my husband, John, my definition of “fun” is going to the farmers market together or enjoying fine food and drinks with good company, attending concerts, or belting favorite 80s tunes during karaoke at Walt’s Inn. AMC is my TV channel of choice.

Q: How would you spend the 8th day of your week?
A: Start with fresh cinnamon rolls, good coffee and some time to catch up on our DVR.

Q:  What do you love about design?
A: One Christmas when I was 12 years old I received Print Shop Deluxe and spent the entire day creating fake ads. I’ve been on a quest for visual organization, good design, and clear communication ever since. (She says as she looks down at a diner menu in desperate need of design and hierarchy).

Q: Why did you decide to join the AIGA Baltimore board?
A: AIGA provides connectivity and interaction with people interested in design. I spend my days talking to my four office mates …errr…cats—the human companionship helps balance my days and keeps me sane. I look forward to serving the Baltimore design community and being an active part of it.

Q: If Baltimore was an ice cream flavor what would it be?
A: Bacon, because it’s a little weird and unusual.

Q: If you could travel anywhere, where would it be?
A: Southern Spain. Love the culture, the food, the history, and especially the people.

Q: Name a must-see spot in Baltimore that you wouldn’t find in a travel guidebook.
A: There are two spots I’d suggest. 1) You’ve got to check out the farmers markets, and 2) the alley behind Single Carrot Theater off of North Avenue has some great graffiti that is always changing.

Courtney looks forward to meeting more AIGA members at future events.

By AIGA Baltimore
Published July 27, 2012