Beyond the Portfolio: Resumé & Hiring Advice for Designers

You’ve been to your fair share of portfolio reviews. You’ve hacked away at your Béhance site for way too long. You’ve sorted, fiddled, organized and described your work like a boss.

But what now?

We’ll go beyond the portfolio to talk about the nitty-gritty of hiring in the creative space. A panel of insiders will share practical, strategic, and uber-clear advice and insights on what employers look for in your resume and how to avoid the common mistakes that can short circuit you from making it to the next step in an interview. It’s a “what’s next” discussion for designers who are considering a career change or industry shift. We’ll cover:

  • What recruiters look for in resumes
  • How the hiring process works for design specifically
  • Hiring trends distinct to the Baltimore/Washington corridor
  • How government contractors hire and what they look for
  • Interview tips for bridging the design/not-design gap
  • When to push and when to back off in the hiring process
  • The role of social media in hiring 

Hosted at Columbia-based strategic communications firm, ADG Creative, this panel discussion will feature a variety of seasoned professionals who will share their experiences and insights on all things hiring. This event is perfect for graduates, designers looking to expand their network, or career designers looking to make a jump into a new space like government contracting.

Free parking is available at a lot adjacent to ADG Creative.

Members: $5
Non-members: $10

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When & Where
Thu, Sep 10, 2015 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
ADG Creative
7151 Columbia Gateway Drive Suite B
Columbia, Maryland 21046