Design Week 2019: Studio Tours

*please note these tours are occurring at multiple locations that require travel time*

Join us for an exciting day of tours through four of Baltimore’s innovative design and advertising agencies: Gilah Press, idfive, Jellyfish, and Mission Media!

About the agencies:

Gilah Press

We’re a multi-disciplinary studio with a focus on branding, packaging and making design tactile through letterpress printing. For over ten years, we’ve been dedicated to solving design challenges, and to helping designers bring their own work to life.

Link to Directions:

Tour: 11am - 12pm

Address: 3506 Ash St, Baltimore, MD 21211


No egos here. We believe in Informed Design where research, insight, and experience drive creative.

Individually, we’re educators, writers, students, entrepreneurs, volunteers, artists, and community leaders. Together, we’re a team of passionate people who want to do good for clients who do good. Sure, we may never get rich. We’ll always be weird. And we’ll continue to treat beer, coffee, and salted caramels as food groups. But what a ride it is.

Link to Directions:

Tour: 1pm - 2pm

Address: 81 Mosher St 3rd floor, Baltimore, MD 21217


What We Do: We partner with clients all over the world to create perfect digital journeys. Through our close partnership with Google, we are growing what we do and how we do it.
Changing what you do. Improving how you do it. This is how we work with you.

We Are Our People
Passionate people who are incredible at what they do make all the difference. And we've got lots of them.

Link to Directions:

Tour: 3pm - 4pm

Address: 250 President St #10, Baltimore, MD 21202

Mission Media

We believe great work comes from the Heart, Mind & Gut.
This is our mantra and the cornerstone of who we are collectively.
Emotive, analytical and intuitive.
It’s what we do and how we do it.
We exist to educate, persuade, inspire and communicate.
And to make people care.

Obsessively Creative: If we thought of it yesterday, it's probably not good enough for us today.
Strategically Driven: Our strategy is inspired, ideas informed and execution exact.
Distinctly Collaborative: We are partners, an extension of your internal brain trust.

Link to Directions:

Tour: 5pm - 6pm

Address: 616 Water St #225, Baltimore, MD 21202


All four tours: $15
Happy hour at Mission Media only: $8 (Includes Light Refreshments)
(Early bird discount: Save 10% through 9/20 when you use promo code 'earlybird' at checkout.)


11am - 12pm: Gilah Press
1pm - 2pm: idfive
3pm - 4pm: Jellyfish
5pm - 6pm: Mission (with food!)

Cancellation/refund policy:

Credit/debit cards only — no cash or checks will be accepted.

Please note that in order to continue to provide quality programming, our policy is not to issue refunds unless an event has been cancelled.

When & Where
Fri, Oct 25, 2019 11:00 AM - 6:00 PM EDT
Gilah Press
3506 Ash St
Baltimore, MD 21211