Ink + Pixels, April 20 | Fastforward U

Advance your Design Career

Ink & Pixels 2024

Ink & Pixels is making its return for another year, presenting one of AIGA Baltimore’s largest events aimed at assisting designers in navigating job or career transitions. Whether you’re looking to ace interviews, gain a fresh perspective on your portfolio, or seek input on a current project, AIGA Baltimore is here to support you.

This year’s Ink & Pixels will take place in person at Johns Hopkins FastForward U on April 20th, 2024. AIGA Baltimore is thrilled to organize this annual gathering, bringing together both students and professionals who share a common passion for design and its future. Come join us and express your enthusiasm on social media using the hashtag #inknpixels.

Stay tuned for more announcements, pricing, schedule, and programming for this event over the next few weeks!