Meet the Board | Olivia Moore, Operations Director & Incoming President

Olivia Moore
Pronouns: she/her

Olivia Moore is a Senior Digital Designer at M+R Strategic Services Inc. and part-time UX/UI Designer at GumboMedia LLC. She received her Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Art & Design at Towson University and is currently residing in Prince George’s County Maryland.

When Olivia is not wrapped up in digital storytelling she is either watching a shit load of anime on Crunchyroll, doing some interesting yoga poses to work out those kinks from working from a desk all day, or she’s singing secretly somewhere (Say that 5 times fast lol).

Her passion to amplify voices, enrich communities with resources, and create a safe space for meaningful connections is ultimately what led to her interest to be on the board. Olivia is excited to “take up space” and is determined to use her position to make things happen.

What’s your biggest challenge as a designer or creative?

Understanding that perfection does not exist.

What’s your favorite quote/philosophy?

“Only you know when you had enough.” Words spoken from my oldest sister, Tiffany.

What’s on your desk that you could not live without?

My external hard drive and dual monitor.

What sparks creativity for you?

Watching documentaries, visiting places I’ve never been before, and lollygagging or dilly-dallying.

What are some of your hobbies?

Watching anime, creating mood boards on Pinterest, interior decorating, practicing yoga, singing karaoke, and nature gazing.

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By AIGA Baltimore
Published May 31, 2023