Thank you.

I’m writing this in an airplane, flying back to Baltimore from the AIGA National Leadership Retreat, listening to the new At The Drive-In album; with a heart full of love and eyes full of tears I reflect on the impact that AIGA has had on my life, and career. As I enter this journey as the president of the Baltimore chapter the only thing I can think is, “How can I provide this feeling to every member of our community?”

So here’s what I’ll say to you, I will literally give you the shirt off my back, I will literally lift you on my shoulders to help you project your voice, I will be your pin cushion and support system, because I know the power that we have as a unified community. I know the impact design can have and I want to see you at the forefront of changing the world. The funny thing is, when I joined this organization none of the above was in my head, heart, or hand, but having spent the past 4/5 years around this amazing community, I see the platform that AIGA has provided to every person that chooses to get involved. So as I begin my term as president, I want you to know that we have your back, we care, and we want to see you succeed. I hope you will join with me on this journey. Thank you.

One more thing, I want to give a special thank you to every person that has helped me along this path. I was going to list you all individually, but then I realized that this letter would extend another 14 pages because there are so many of you. So I will just say thank you, I cherish this challenge, and I am excited to bring my passion to the forefront. Let’s continue to FSU.

By Joseph Carter-Brown
Published June 16, 2017
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