What’s Up With Your Workspace?
If there’s one thing for certain, it’s that Baltimore designers have some fantastic workspaces. This is only evidenced by the growing number of Instagrammers out there tagging #bmoreAIGA100 on their #workspace photos this month.
So far, we’ve seen that many local creatives have multiple screens:

My creative lair #bmoreAIGA100

A photo posted by Bobby Gillespie (@thatbobbyg) on


some expansive workspaces:

New 2015 office setup! #bmoreAIGA100 #906office #906creative

A photo posted by 906 Creative (@906creative) on


and even miniature workspaces with big visuals:

#bmoreaiga100 real life Pinterest wall

A photo posted by @eecavell on


Speaking of big visuals, we’ve got some inspirational walls:

It would only be more complete with Meeko kitty walking across my keyboard. #bmoreAIGA100

A photo posted by @kkdesign22 on


a few ‘remote’ coffee shop spaces:

Touring the coffee shops of Mount Vernon today. This is my fourth stop #freelance #workspace #bmoreAIGA100

A photo posted by Meredith Burke (@_mdith) on


and some well-appointed cubicles, too:

A little mess helps me think 🙂 #bmoreaiga100

A photo posted by Vanessa Ulrich (@primpysheep) on


And this isn’t even half of the postings on Instagram, so go check out the rest with hashtag #bmoreAIGA100.
While you’re at it, snap a pic of your own #workspace and tag it on Instagram with #bmoreAIGA100. We don’t care if it’s messy and cluttered or clean and dust-free; just do it by February 28th and you’ll be entered to win one of two year-long Skillshare subscriptions!
BONUS ROUND: Want to double your chances? Come up with a creative way to spell out #bmoreAIGA100 in your photo for a second entry.
Oh, and here’s one last Instagram with a lovely Bmore feline to leave you feeling cozy on a cold winter’s night:


workspace with O's gear and a kitty

rmadar1: My lil corner workspace, lots of orange, lots of cat. #bmoreAIGA100 #workspace #Baltimore




By AIGA Baltimore
Published February 18, 2015