Bmore Inspired: 5 Spots to Get Inspired in Baltimore

Inspiration can be found everywhere in Baltimore, whether out in the open or lurking around the corner, but it can be easy to miss if you’re not looking. Here are a few of our favorite places and events in Baltimore that are sure to get the creative juices flowing, for visiting and local designers alike.

American Visionary Art Museum


The American Visionary Art Museum’s (AVAM) main building glimmers in the afternoon sun

The AVAM is dedicated to displaying and preserving outsider art. Both its temporary and permanent exhibits make it a must-visit place for art that you might not see anywhere else.

Station North Arts District


In the heart of city, Station North is the first state-designated Arts and Entertainment district in Baltimore.

With its myriad projects, installations, galleries, and cafes, everyone should be able to find some inspiration in Station North.

Bromo Tower Arts District

Artist at work in studio space

Artist at work in studio space

Home to the historic Emerson Bromo Seltzer Tower, this district is one of Baltimore’s newest art-centric neighborhoods. The numerous galleries and performance spaces make it easy to spend an entire day just in this small but thriving area.

Painted Ladies of Charles Village

Credit: Wikipedia

Some of the vividly painted row houses of Charles Village

Even the houses in Baltimore show the city’s dedication to the arts. This collection of colorful row homes is a perfect example of how the city’s residents exemplify the name Charm City.

Baltimore Events


In 2016, the 18th Annual Kinetic Sculpture Race took place with The Bees’ Knees of Washington, DC taking home the trophy

Baltimore’s locations aren’t the only places to find inspiration. The city is host to tons of art-centric events that have become important traditions. We’ve highlighted a few that are sure to interest both visiting and local designers.

Image Credits: Ashley Phillips, American Style, Station North, Baltimore Arts, Wikipedia, and Baltimore Kinetic Sculpture Race

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By Mitchell Cole, Shannon Crabill, and Andrea Chen
Published August 26, 2016