Handset Type Workshop

A few weeks ago, six Baltimore-Area designers traveled to the studio of Lead Graffiti in Newark, DE to participate in a moveable-type workshop. The group of designers worked as a team—with considerable help from Lead Graffiti—to produce a 14-page art book based around the 6 letters that compose the word “D-E-S-I-G-N.” Each participant designed a 2-page spread inspired a by a specific quote about design.

The participants set their own type by hand from among hundreds of cases of lead type. The spreads were printed on a single sheet using a Vandercook press. Designers got the opportunity to have some hands-on time printing on the Vandercook as well as line-casting type using an Intertype machine. Everyone received enough materials to make multiple copies of the book (several of which will be available for sale very soon on our Felt & Wire store).

Many thanks to Rey Nichols, Jill Cypher, Mike Kaylor and Tray Nichols for sharing their wealth knowledge of hand-set type and letterpress printing, as well as for their hard work and assistance during the workshop.

Post written by Sean Heavey.

By AIGA Baltimore
Published October 5, 2010