Making Ideas Happen: The Book …
Making Ideas Happen

Earlier in the year, I had the chance to speak with Scott Belsky, author of the book: “Making Ideas Happen”. (Interview is here) His book is a calling card in ways to be more effective at honing the process of productivity, whether you’re a individual freelancer or the largest company in the region.

As the book points out, we face more and more distractions to our personal productivity than ever before. Quite simply, we are more interrupted , we are in longer meetings, there’s more on television—just by the fact that there are more channels.

And with all this we are still to be productive? Um… yeah.

From the book: “The ranks of freelance, contract and part-time workers, as well as small business owners are increaasing daily. Many businessese are hiring people for rotational programs that last only to years.

Practices such as ‘daylighting’ are increasingly popularity as companies such as GE and IBM are acknowledging the value of shorter experiential education over a life long career opportunity.”

The book helps point out the sweet spots of creativity and connects people to the process that goes beyond ideation to the implementation of ideas. The book outlines the importance of the three factors of growth in ideas: increased efficiency in organization and execution, calling on the power of community and leadership capability to shepherd those ideas to a workable state.

“You control the platform of your ideas” … Well, with websites and Facebook, who can refute that?  (Ideation is not really discussed). The book principly maintains that the ideas are 1% idea and 99% perspiration, meaning it’s the whole process after the idea is in place that projects an idea into action.

The book’s a solid read that can help anyone designer’s included get on the train to more productivity.

By AIGA Baltimore
Published August 21, 2010