Photopolymer Workshop

Last weekend was the Photopolymer Workshop by AIGA Baltimore and Typecast Press. Mary Mashburn, of Typecast gave a tour of the shop while going over letterpress history. Then she showed the magic of creating a photopolymer plate. Each participant go to print their own Baltimore themed postcard design, and they then did a print exchange at the end. Everyone got to work on the two Vandercook presses, and a good time was had by all.

Amanda Brainerd, Ayumi Yasuda, Eric Conrad, Rachel Beser, Cat Paquin and Mary Mashburn; (c) Alissa Jones

(c) Alissa Jones

Cat Paquin pulling a print from the Vandercook Press; (c) Alissa Jones

Zvezdana Stojmirovic getting ready to print. (c) Alissa Jones

Amanda Brainerd's design fresh off the press! (c) Alissa Jones

By AIGA Baltimore
Published September 20, 2010