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(c) Greg Bennett, Work to Date

(c) Greg Bennett, Work to Date

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FPO (For Print Only) recently profiled the 2009 AIGA Baltimore Pulp Ink & Hops poster designed by Greg Bennett. The article reads: “Paper and beer. Together. Whoever came up with this idea is a genius. For the past 12 years, the¬†AIGABaltimore chapter has been hosting “Pulp, Ink & Hops,” an event that brings together two of designers’ main pleasures in the form of dozens of paper vendors and free hops from a local brewery. Again, genius.”

Genius… Tell us something we didn’t know. Greg’s work accomplished the goal of taking design out of the pedestrian and launching it into the spectacular. …And we thank him for that. …And you can join in too: look up his work on the behance website, the online portfolio engine for AIGA members, and give him a pat on the back conveniently located as an appreciation. Like so:

Shout out for the good work!!!

Thanks again to Greg Bennett and Work to Date.

By AIGA Baltimore
Published March 25, 2010