by Vanessa Ulrich
It feels like only yesterday that I had moved up to Baltimore and was just another fresh face at one of our chapter’s round-table events. Fast forward four years, and I’m closing out my two-year term as President.
by Joseph Carter-Brown
I'm writing this in an airplane, flying back to Baltimore from the AIGA National Leadership Retreat, listening to the new At The Drive-In album; with a heart full of love and eyes full of tears I reflect on the impact that AIGA has had on my life, and career.
by Vanessa Ulrich
Vanessa Ulrich, AIGA Baltimore’s new President says ‘Hello!’
by Gregory Jericho
Meet Kara, our Communications Director!
Board Spotlight · May 15, 2014
by AIGA Baltimore
Meet Michelle Fazenbaker, AIGA Baltimore's Special Events Chair & AIGA 100 Chapter Liaison!
Board Spotlight · March 28, 2014
by Gregory Jericho
Meet Vanessa! There's more than meets the eye when it comes to AIGA Baltimore's Visibility Director. She's a multi-lingual PR coordinator who loves design, cooking, yoga, and travel.
by Kate Lawless
Meet Marisa! She’s definitely the most energetic person you'll meet today (or this month), so you know we’re super-lucky to have her as our Membership Director.
Board Spotlight, Featured · January 29, 2014
by Gregory Jericho
Social media chair Kate Lawless shares here, there, and everywhere her love of Baltimore city, words and images, and grabbing a beer with fellow creatives.
AIGA Baltimore, Board Spotlight, Featured · January 16, 2014
by AIGA Baltimore
Our social design director and subject of this month's Board Member Spotlight, Jami Dodson sat down to fill us in on what this Southerner has been doing in Baltimore for the last decade.
AIGA Baltimore, Board Spotlight · October 1, 2013