by Katty Huertas
Ink & Pixels 2017: Student Design Conference is just around the corner, which means you’ll have the opportunity to have your portfolio reviewed by industry professionals.
by Mitch Cole & Andrea Chen
Inspiration can be found everywhere in Baltimore, whether out in the open or lurking around the corner, but it can be easy to miss if you’re not looking. Not only can inspiration strike in certain places, but also certain times of year when art is in the air. With special art­ focused events like Artscape, the MD Film Fest, and the Kinetic Sculpture Race, Baltimore has a lot to offer to creatives.
Baltimore, Events, Free · July 14, 2016
by Vanessa Ulrich
Vanessa Ulrich, AIGA Baltimore’s new President says ‘Hello!’
by Jennifer Marin
Co-Presidents Jennifer Marin and Stacey Fatica wrap up their co-presidency (and three year terms) with AIGA Baltimore, but they aren’t saying goodbye.
by Chad Miller
Ben Jenkins, founder of OneFastBuffalo, toured the East Coast hitting up six cities in six days to talk to six AIGA chapters about how he evolved his design business and his personal life into a more satisfying and fulfilling one. We laughed, we learned a lot about his concept of work-life balance, and we talked about how designers have a natural inclination to be designtrepreneurs.
by Shannon Crabill and Mitchell Cole
During Design Week 2014, AIGA Baltimore was joined by Bob Villaflor, the Design Director for the Human Rights Campaign. Bob talked with us about his experiences with the organization and the importance of design in his work.
by Gregory Jericho
On Saturday, October 18th, AIGA Baltimore opened its third annual Design Week at the Baltimore Museum of Art with a roundtable discussion on immersive spaces.
by Kate Lawless
On Tuesday, January 28th, Scott Kirkwood and Annie Riker from the National Parks Conservation Association design team joined AIGA Baltimore at Groove Commerce for a talk on big branding. Attendees learned how Scott and Annie overcame the challenges of brand transformation as in-house designers during the past 9 years.
by AIGA Baltimore
We’ve got Design Week events going on all over the Baltimore metro area this year! From Owings Mills down to Columbia, we’re spreading our wings—and the love. Some of you might be pondering your transportation options for our events. (You’re coming to every event, right??) So we’re here to help!
AIGA Baltimore, Events, Tour · October 19, 2013
by Kate Lawless
We went to Baltimore Print Studios and made things!
by Kate Lawless
B'More Creatives, a fellow Baltimore creative network, is once again putting on their Un-Company Picnic for creatives' families, friends, and even pets. This event is sure to be a hit of the season. It's not to be missed! Make sure to register soon.
Baltimore, Events · August 16, 2013